Artist Statement

I am an artist first for Godís sake, then for artís sake. I believe art must both measure up in the museums and capture the common heart. The greatest art is that which generates the greatest good.

I wish to be an artist who is respected by those of his own field and who someday can be counted among the host of great artists of the earth. Such an artist must understand his craft, appreciate the history of art and be abreast with the artistic issues of the day. But I will not bow to current trends and fashions of the art world at the expense of the rest of the world, at the expense of my higher ambitions.

My art is not just for my fellow art community. My art is for my fellow man. It is for all lovers of truth and beauty, for discerning minds and hearts, no matter their artistic background or education. They may be from families anywhere in this wide world, living in wealth or in extreme poverty. They may know nothing of my artistic process, and be totally unaware of artistic issues and formal elements of art. But they love art. They love it for the most important reasons. They love it for the same reasons I love it: for its power to touch the deepest part of the being; for its power to inspire, to uplift, to instill awe for the beauties of the earth and engender love for the glories of Heaven.

There is art that needs no niche; for truly great art engages the heart and galvanizes humanity. It can touch our deeper identities and tie together our social disparities. There is a common thread in every culture, in every person, in every heart. I seek to resonate with that thread, to create art that extends beyond cultural and temporal boundaries and speaks to the universal, to that part of the soul which is common to all people.

I believe such art can have a profound influence on society and on the individual. I hope my art can be the kind that makes a difference, the kind that has a place among the good of the world and the good of humanity.

I have always felt that only with the assistance of a higher power can I accomplish my artistic aims. Our gifts are given of God. They are meant to serve His purposes. My most profound desire is to wield worthily my gift and to one day be counted among His good and faithful servants.