Essays & Insights

A Compilation of Writings and Insights from the Artist Ranging from His Philosophical Views on Art and Life, as Well as Instructive Tips On the Artistic Process.

Essays On Art

Cornerstones of Creativity
Conundrums of the Contemporary Realist
The Renaissance Christian
The Seven Phases of Creativity
From the Fig Leaf to the Naked Emperor
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Other Writings

The Voice from the Dust
The Beauties of Holiness
The Power of Optimism
Virtue & The Creative Pulse
Spiritual Stirrings & The Ideology of Dance
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The Quotation Gallery

Excerpts from the artist's writings and his meandering mind about both are and life... [ MORE ]


Insights For Artists

Understanding Your Subject
Mastering Your Medium
Learning The Language of Art
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Art Demos & Tutorials

Basic Materials & Techniques
The Plein-Air Landscape
The Academic Figure Drawing
The Head Study In Oil
the Head Study In Clay
The Classical Figure Painting
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Recommended Study

Quotations from Great Artists
Art Criticism & Resources
Anatomy Books & Resources
A Guide to Artists & Art Movements
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